Course Agenda October 21-23, 2016

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Nutraceutical Interventions in Clinical Practice-Theory or Therapy This is a three-day comprehensive course with lectures, discussion and case studies for all health professionals.

Themes include:

  1. Principles of nutrient intervention in clinical practice
  2. Nutritional/nutrient interventions for achieving optimal health
  3. Nutrigenomic Impact
  4. Nutraceutical applications to promote health and to provide adjunctive management for patients with specific health conditions


  • Introduction to the weekend
  • Session 1: The Chronic Disease Patient: Obstacles and Solutions
  • Session 2: Clinical Antioxidants in the Cardiovascular Patient- Theory or Therapy?
  • Session 3: Digestion and the Importance of the microbiome
  • Session 4: Insulin Resistance, Complementary intervention and the role of clinical nutrients
  • Session 5: Inflammation & Digestion: IBS:IBD


  • Session 1: Q & A- Panel Discussion
  • Session 2: Adrenal and Thyroid Health-Support of its Physical and Psychological Presentations
  • Session 3: Integrative Approaches to Cardiovascular Disease; Hypertension, Lipids and Mitochondria
  • Session 4: NAFLD-A Diagnosis You May Be Looking Right Past
  • Session 5: Vitamin D, Curcumin & Astaxanthin-Varied Approaches to Use


  • Session 1: Q& A- Panel Discussion
  • Sessions 2: Controversies in Nutrition
  • Session 3: Athletic Aging- Fitness & Hormone Climate
  • Session 4:Female Health, alternative management of peri/post menopause: Sleep, Libido, Stress

* Subject to change based on accreditation partner approval of CME