Course Description October 21-23, 2016


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Nutritional Interventions in Clinical Practice: Theory or Therapy-2016

A three-day comprehensive course with lectures, discussion and case studies for all health professionals. Themes include: principles of nutrition, nutritional interventions for achieving optimal health, nutraceutical applications to promote health and to provide adjunctive management for patients with specific health conditions.

Course Description: This conference will meet the need with training on the approaches for prevention and wellness, nutritional intervention strategies for common chronic and degenerative conditions, nutraceutical applications in clinical practice, appropriate nutraceutical recommendations, nutragenomic interaction and nutritional interventions for the clinical practice. Participants will also learn the importance in addressing behavioral issues in the patient population.

Objectives include:

  • Understand the science behind clinical nutrients in the prevention and intervention of chronic disease
  • Explain how inflammation and oxidant stress; due to diet, lifestyle and poor micronutrient load may play a role in the patho-physiology of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other diseases.
  • Learn interventions to mitigate progression of dysglycemia to Diabetes/Depression and Fibromyalgia
  • Evaluate the benefits of botanicals and vitamin & mineral formulations for first line intervention.
  • Assess nutraceutical research to delineate between the media’s representation of complimentary and evidence based medicine approaches.
  • Nutrients and longevity
  • Controversies in Nutritional Interventions
  • Repairing Inflammation
  • Mitochondrial Therapies