Evaluation Summary From the 2015 Course


nEI – Advanced Nutritional Principles and Nutraceutical

Applications in Clinical Practice
For All Health Professionals

November 20-22, 2015


95% of participants agreed this course met a need or ‘professional gap’ in their practice?

  • The course introduced more information about how natural substances can be used in a beneficial way to treat patients.
  • The presentation put the science behind the nutrition, which is the foundation of our health.
  • As a non-prescribing health professional I have greater and greater appreciation for the job of nutraceuticals.
  • Provided more reinforcement of continuing to incorporate nutraceuticals into patients healthcare d/t the results/statistics demonstrated with their use.
  • Continued & appreciate in depth education on cardiovascular, blood sugar, digestive, male/fem suppl.
  • As an RN, I gained a greater understanding of the pathophysiology of differ. diseases & possible solutions.
  • The course provides a deeper medical & nutritional understanding with currant research findings – gives me more confidence from the knowledge I have already.
  • This course will prompt health professionals’ to expand upon the wellness practice

96% were satisfied with the information you received at this conference?

  • The speakers were excellent.
  • I plan to continue to attend annually. This is my second one. Will also attend the implementation program.
  • Very glad I came.
  • This course provided information usable in my life and in my clients’ life!!
  • Excellent course. In the time we had, packed with valuable information!!
  • Overall – excellent course!!

93 % said this course would make an impact on how they treat patients?

  • I will be more cognizant of the things patients are doing that impact their overall health.
  • I will feel more confident to share and use examples and research I learned to help patient understand treatment options better.
  • Augmentation of the needs I have prescribed in traditional treatment of psychiatric disorders.