Magnesium…It Does A Body Good.

posted by on July 1st, 2021

Magnesium is essential- Meaning your body cannot synthesize it de novo. If you can not make it! you need to take it! Magnesium proves to be one of the more important minerals for its impact on so many metabolic pathways. It next to Omega III Fatty acids and Vitamin D3 may be one of the more cost effective steps you take towards better health.

Whether you are an athlete, want better blood sugar support or a better nights sleep, magnesium is your magic bullet!.
Lifestyle factors like consumption of processed foods, stress, coffee and marked consumption in alcohol will deplete your body’s stores of this essential mineral. By some accounts, 80% of the adult US population is deplete. REMEMBER! nothing in nature acts in exclusion. Magnesium absorption is dependent on the also essential B6 and albeit a non-essential vitamin ( actually a pro-hormone) Vitamin D3 must also be present.

How do you know if more magnesium is necessary for your well being?

Do you complain of…

Muscle cramps and spasms? While calcium contracts- magnesium relaxes.

Sleep much?… OR not at all?…
Magnesium is an essential part of our production of serotonin, GABA and melatonin for sleep and mental health. Think about its benefits if you feel anxious!

Fatigue? or lack of physical stamina?
At the root of energy production is a molecule called ATP. Its activity is DEPENDENT on Magnesium and a sufficient amount.