What Tops Your List for Cardiovascular Health?

posted by on March 30th, 2017

Studies show there is little doubt that healthy dietary and lifestyle choices can make the largest impact, while you know what to do, will you do it?

Procrastination is being reported as a contributor to heart disease. When considering risk factor for disease, lifestyle still outweighs the percentage attributed to genetics.

Like they say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Sounds simple right? The truth is, it’s easy to eat an apple a day,…it’s is also easy not to.  Take steps everyday, and consistently, towards better health.

Think brain healthy, not just heart healthy. Omega III fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA and exercise demonstrate remarkable health benefits.

Research shows that Movement especially in a group, improved cognitive health, physical capacity, quality of life and of course overall heart health.  While use of dietary and supplement interventions in treating vascular disease risk factors are not limited to the heart or blood vessels, but may reduce your risk for dementia as you age. “A focus on hypertension, smoking, diabetes, diet and exercise can go a long way in reducing risk of vascular dementia.

“- Gustavo C. Roman, MD; Nantz National Alzheimer’s Center