Pre-and Post Natal Benefits of Select Nutrients

posted by on October 2nd, 2014

With more and more information coming out about: “Health of the Mother”, “Maximizing a Healthy Womb”, and even the highly academic, yet subjective, discussions around Epigenetics; experts agree the “terrain” during fetal development must be maximized to support development of a healthy baby, not just in the womb, but knowing the effects are long lasting into adolescents and beyond.

Literature supports the use of pro-biotics, 5-MTHF, found in a pre-natal and B-complex formulas as well as and Omega III Fatty Acid consumption, in particular 300 DHA in the pregnant female is critical. Critical to support  the health of the baby, as well as mom, during neonatal period.

The introduction of healthy fats in the form of an Omega III fatty acid can influence aspects of our quality of life after delivery, like mood, memory, healthy aging and influence severity or incidence of depression. For the infant, Omega III fatty acid consumption has shown to improve sleep and visual acuity in the new born and decrease concerns of aggression and ADHD in the toddler and adolescent.

Nutritional intervention is paramount to prevention.

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